Use Referred in a Sentence, How to use “Referred” in a sentence


Use Referred in a sentence. How to use the word Referred in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Referred. Sentence for Referred.

Use Referred in a Sentence - How to use "Referred" in a sentence

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Examples of Referred in a sentence

  1. These are thus often referred to as non-renewable fuels.
  2. He referred to the hole which the squirrel had begun to gnaw.
  3. A text editor, also referred to as code editor by some, is probably the only tool you’ll need for now.
  4. The league was referred to as the “long house,” after the long, bark-covered frame structure common to all of the member tribes.
  5. His Chinese friends referred to the Empress as their venerable ancestor.
  6. Lady Tyrwhitt, who was the wife of the messenger referred to above that was sent to examine Elizabeth, was appointed to succeed Mrs. Ashley.
  7. The name “zither,” which like “guitar” is derived from the Greek kithara, also is applied to one musicological classification of the plucked stringed instruments otherwise referred to as psalteries, as distinct from the somewhat similar dulcimers, which are struck with small hammers.
  8. Then they wrote on a small piece of white paper, all that they could learn about each tree, and put these inscriptions under the leaves, to which they respectively referred.
  9. Their heroes were consequently real men; the principal actions ascribed to them were real actions, and the places referred to were real localities.
  10. Then, when the plates are referred to, you must look into the other book and find them.
  11. We have already referred to the contradiction existing between the new doctrine and the Veda, on which it was founded, and which it set forth as a divine revelation.
  12. All the remains of walls in Phoenicia that can be referred to an ancient period exhibit a style of building confined to the stone of the mountain range which hems the coast, and desirous of imitating the nature of the rocks.


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