Red in a Sentence

How to use the word Red in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Red.

Examples of Red in a sentence

*** The crystals commonly are red but also may be brown, yellow, white, green, or black.

*** Fried chicken drumstick, stewed with abalone fungus, red wine and star anise.

*** The trade balance, after oscillating between surplus and deficit in the 1970s, has remained stubbornly in the red since 1981.

*** The retail sales of red meat par excellence are plummeting, while vegetarianism has become a fashion standard.

*** In the last hot summers, the red spider has become a serious problem in some gardens.

*** Near the grassy wall that surrounds Copenhagen is a large red house.

*** EAR the grassy wall that surrounds Copenhagen is a big red house.

*** The fragrant wood of red cedar (J. virginiana) is made of cabinets, fence posts and pencils.

*** The problem is no less critical for the Great Bear rainforest, a wild stretch of western red cedar, hemlock and spruce forest that extends 250 miles off the coast of British Columbia.

*** Pressure-treated wood contains noxious arsenic, and western red cedar is often found in sensitive forests of old growth.

*** The Sparkle hull was constructed with two red cedar laminates placed diagonally on an internal core of Douglas fir longitudinal.

*** The white maples of birch, beech and red and sugar were not left behind in the race for light.

*** A sheepdog is the unofficial guest of Harberton Estancia, a picturesque ranch with buildings with red roofs and undulating terrain.

*** Alternate cubes of meat with slices of red pepper.

*** Alternative cubes of meat and slices of red pepper.

*** A triple fin fish is almost indistinguishable from the bright red sponge on which it rests.

*** Food: an excellent accompaniment for duck veal lamb and all red meats.

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