Use Recovery in a Sentence – How to use “Recovery” in a sentence


Use Recovery in a sentence. How to use the word Recovery in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Recovery. Sentence for Recovery.

Use Recovery in a Sentence - How to use "Recovery" in a sentence

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Examples of Recovery in a sentence

  1. Special medical treatments might speed recovery time.
  2. No recovery program has been configured for this service.
  3. The miniseries follows soldier Charlie Collins through a romantic affair and his recovery from posttraumatic stress disorder.
  4. A head injury can be minor, with recovery rapid, or extremely severe, requiring complicated and prolonged treatment.
  5. Recovery from complete loss of consciousness comes in stages; consciousness may be regained in minutes or, in more severe cases, in hours or even days.
  6. The state of recovery of VCM and acetylene gas was introduced by adsorption by pressure oscillation in vinyl chloride production units.
  7. In general the older the victim of a head injury is, the slower and less certain the recovery.
  8. Much of the expected recovery was boosted by companies rebuilding their inventories after aggressively reducing unwanted inventories of unsold products to cope with weak demand.
  9. Aaron Hammon is a fan of speed in recovery; He has carried a torch for the drug methamphetamine since childhood.
  10. The Cape Girardeau Shock Recovery requested that a local minister come to the scene and administer the last rites to several dead aliens.
  11. Occasionally a victim of a head injury will have complications after recovery which have a psycho-logical basis.
  12. The acceleration of the center of gravity affects the rate of recovery, the key aspect.
  13. Those exceptional losses mask an acceleration in our underlying recovery during the third quarter.
  14. The results show that the temporal distribution is falling to a low-value anomaly for a while, recovering again the occurrence of the zigzag recovery earthquake.
  15. This is the main impulse behind the economic recovery.
  16. The importance of economic recovery, as it was, in 1977-8 caused much debate and some perplexity.


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