Use Recovered in a Sentence, How to use “Recovered” in a sentence


Use Recovered in a sentence. How to use the word Recovered in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Recovered.

Use Recovered in a Sentence - How to use "Recovered" in a sentence


Examples of Recovered in a sentence

  1. Police recovered it late last week.
  2. It was recovered from the sediments of the upper terrace of the lower valley of Somme, in a suburb of Abbeville, France.
  3. Those recovered ranged in age from 3 years old to 17, Washington said.
  4. But after a while he recovered and Guerrero managed to get the 3-2 with a header in the penalty area.
  5. At the tactical level, Espanyol He also recovered his DNA in Montilivi.
  6. The Arsacids also, who recovered Iran from the Seleucids, were not averse to the Greek nation.
  7. When these three requests had been complied with, the horse recovered all its four feet.
  8. If people choose to consider themselves to be recovered alcoholics it may be beneficial in a number of ways.
  9. 15 sex trafficking victims among 39 missing children recovered in Georgia.
  10. There is a difference between being fully recovered and being ready to come out of isolation.
  11. A pair of new studies highlight the potential for long-term heart complications in recovered COVID-19 patients.
  12. Quickly creating a “certified recovered” system could speed economic recovery while slowing the coronavirus.
  13. Had Cyaxares, when at war with Lydia, already recovered the dominion which Phraortes had established for the Medes over all Asia?
  14. The recession is over for the rich, but the working class is far from recovered.
  15. This estimates how many people have recovered from their symptoms.
  16. When the peace and the treaty had been concluded, and Alyattes had built two temples in the place of the one that had been burnt, he recovered his health.
  17. Osaka started fast, dipped in the second, and recovered to beat Doi.
  18. Known survivors of COVID-19 greatly outnumber lives lost. In New York, many of those who have recovered are moved to serve.

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