Use Recommended in a Sentence, How to use “Recommended” in a sentence


Use Recommended in a sentence. How to use the word Recommended in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Recommended. Sentence for Recommended.



Examples of Recommended in a sentence

  1. The Gelogor I Ketut Sumardika village guard said that Agus was following a route that was only recommended for motorcycles.
  2. Especially recommended are several native plants with wild plant cover that have not been widely used in landscape architecture to enrich plant varieties with plant cover in central China.
  3. chopped seafood and shrimp are recommended for feeding when the meat is consistently rejected.
  4. On the radio, police supervisors recommended alternative courses of action.
  5. Prolonged use than the recommended means long-term diarrhea, which means a person can be dehydrated.
  6. All that we can expect from such an effort to interest them, as I have described and recommended, is to get a majority on our side, so that we may have only a small minority to deal with by other measures.
  7. A drawing and description of it is inserted here, as by this means some teachers, who may like to try the course here recommended, may be saved the time and trouble of contriving something of the kind themselves.
  8. I have gone much into detail in this chapter, proposing definite measures by which the principles I have recommended may be carried into effect.
  9. It is desirable, too, that what I have recommended in reference to the whole school should be done in respect to the case of each individual.
  10. The course above recommended is not trying lax and inefficient measures for a long time in hopes of their being ultimately successful, and then, when they are found not to be so, changing the policy.
  11. It is addressed, therefore, throughout to a pupil, and I preserve its original form, as, by its being addressed to pupils, and intended to influence them, it is an example of the mode of address and the kind of influence recommended in this work.


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