Use Recital in a Sentence, How to use “Recital” in a sentence


Use Recital in a sentence. How to use the word Recital in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Recital. Sentence for Recital.

Use Recital in a Sentence - How to use "Recital" in a sentence


Examples of recital in a sentence

  1. It is normally used in recital, ensemble and accompaniment.
  2. She gave us a boring recital of all her problems.
  3. She gave us a long and boring recital of all her problems.
  4. Then follows a long recital of the circumstances which have led the government to adopt this drastic method of controlling prices.
  5. We cannot regret too keenly the fact that we have no account of Curio’s meeting with Cæsar, and his recital to Cæsar of the course of events in Rome.
  6. No one was to be outdone in adventurous recital.
  7. They listened therefore to the tale with an interest all the more earnest and solemn on account of the marvelousness of the recital.
  8. He gave them a recital of all the events connected with the usurpation of Amulius.
  9. Here’s where you’ll find all you need to know about recital dance classes.
  10. For dance students, the annual recital is the biggest event of the year.
  11. Student’s wishing to schedule a recital should meet with his/her applied instructor early in the year to select a tentative date.
  12. Set in the orthodox world of a music and dance recital, the ambiguous relationship between the two performers intensifies.
  13. To finish this recital, Devin Liu (Year 10) performs the Intermezzo in A major Op 118 No 2 by the great German composer Johannes Brahms.
  14. A celebration of the piano’s extraordinary range and depth, this recital also showcases one of the major piano artists of our time.
  15. Any applied music student planning to perform a recital must pass a recital hearing at least (4) weeks before the recital date.
  16. recital cancellation form signed by the student, teacher and the division head must be submitted to the.

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