Recent in a sentence


Use recent in a sentence. Sentence for recent. How to use the word recent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word recent. How to use “recent” with example sentences.

Definition of recent

Examples of recent in a sentence

*** In recent years, they have given new impetus to the forecast of natural disasters.

*** The recent publicity surrounding homelessness has given a new impetus to the cause.


*** Mozart had given a new impetus to a formula worn out in time thanks to his recent exposure to new developments in Paris.

*** A recent development in this field has been the discovery of the missing factor in the blood in cases of hemophilia and its use in controlling hemorrhage.

*** Two of the few teams that can boast of having managed to “scratch” in recent times some point to the almighty Barcelona.

*** Its great nutritional contribution or being an important source of proteins, added to more benefits that we now tell you, are just some of the reasons that make this food has been elevated to the category of superfood in recent years.

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