Use Rapid in a Sentence, How to use “Rapid” in a sentence


Use Rapid in a sentence. How to use the word Rapid in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rapid. Sentence for Rapid.

Use Rapid in a Sentence - How to use "Rapid" in a sentence


Examples of Rapid in a sentence

  1. It was a rapid and brilliant transformation.
  2. The work must be rapid now.
  3. However, the rapid process of proletarianization has promoted the development of the labor movement.
  4. Kate set off at a rapid trot down the road, which led to the pond.
  5. And then, besides, the water is generally nearly at rest, but the air is generally in a state of rapid motion.
  6. His rapid glance flew down the garden walk, and across the narcissi, to the twisted pear tree.
  7. I’m sure water is sometimes in rapid motion.
  8. The animals are represented plump and full of life, often with startling truth even in the most rapid motion; though not unfrequently with great exaggeration in the muscles.
  9. First he set an example himself of rapid motion through the streets.
  10. The current is so rapid along the sides of this island, and along the adjacent shores, that it will carry a mill any where wherever they set a wheel.
  11. The horses had by this time reached a part of the road where it was more level, and they began to press forward at a more rapid pace.
  12. He brought her head round so as to point up stream, and calling upon the crew to give way strong, he forced her back into the rapid water.
  13. They went on a few rods, but long before they reached the most rapid part, they found that with all their exertions they could make no progress.
  14. They rode down at a rapid trot to the ice, followed by Franco, who was always glad to go upon an expedition.
  15. From this time the excitement and commotion went on increasing at a very rapid rate.

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