Use Racing in a Sentence, How to use “Racing” in a sentence


Use Racing in a sentence. How to use the word Racing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Racing. Sentence for Racing.

Use Racing in a Sentence - How to use "Racing" in a sentence


Examples of racing in a sentence

  1. It was an event, rather like racing or a day at the zoo.
  2. Racing up and down the front walk in the rain!
  3. A recently established local business cluster is that of racing cars.
  4. I am sure you cannot have forgotten it, nor the staring spotted cat that is there represented racing away with her booty.
  5. In another instant, without good-by or regret, she had flashed out of the office and was racing down the stairs.
  6. Two hours later, with a hectic spurt of energy, she was racing up three winding, dizzy flights of stairs in a ponderous, old-fashioned office building.
  7. For amusements, they practiced running, wrestling, racing, throwing javelins and spears, and other athletic feats and accomplishments–in every thing excelling all their competitors, and becoming in the end greatly renowned.
  8. He applied himself with great diligence to acquiring the various accomplishments and arts then most highly prized, such as leaping, vaulting, racing, riding, throwing the javelin, and drawing the bow.
  9. When the vast procession reached the race-ground, the immense concourse was formed in ranks around it, and the racing went on.
  10. Finally the rising sun crept over the hilltop and the fog rolled slowly up like a proscenium curtain in a theater and disclosed, at a distance of about thirty yards, a doe standing in the shallow water and quietly eating button grass, while two spotted fawns were playing tag, racing up and down, splashing water in every direction.
  11. Up from the close-nudging street crashed the confusing slap of hoofs and the mad whir of wheels racing not so much for the Joy of the Destination as for the Thrill of the Journey.


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