Use Quick in a Sentence, How to use “Quick” in a sentence


Use Quick in a sentence. How to use the word Quick in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Quick. Sentence for Quick.

Quick in a Sentence


Examples of Quick in a sentence

  1. It makes access to various locations quick and easy.
  2. His translation of fables of Asian beasts from Italian, The Morall Philosophie of Doni (1570), for example, was a quick and colloquial narrative.
  3. I took a quick look at the block in User: Blu Aardvark.
  4. Conchis ripped the muslin from one of the plates with the quick poise of a conjuror.
  5. There are occasional quick sales of perishable products, such as garlic and frozen shrimp.
  6. Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager is an easy and quick way to turn off the computers you manage.
  7. Later on, you will divide the middle part of these workouts so that you can alternate quick and easy steps.
  8. Depending on the different products, the market segregates as agglomerated lime, calcined lime, hydraulic lime, lime sulfur, quick lime, refractory lime, slaked lime and others.
  9. I looked at what he had given me and I did a quick subtraction.
  10. The second, a few minutes later, was a quick and technical mix.
  11. I nuked a quick burger.
  12. That is a heavy load; I should not think that boy could wheel it;” and how quick will your look give fresh strength and vigor to his efforts.
  13. We will go down quick and tell Espy.
  14. Climb up on the bench, Stivy, and shut the other window as quick as you can.
  15. Phonny called out to him to shut the door as quick as possible.
  16. How quick it is stifled.
  17. “No,” said his father, “it would not move along quick and light, like a feather.
  18. The axe approaches the thirty-four ribs of the quick horse, beloved of the gods.
  19. Then Cyaxares, who was quick of temper, as the incident shows, received them harshly and with contempt.

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