Use Qualities in a Sentence, How to use “Qualities” in a sentence


Use Qualities in a sentence. How to use the word Qualities in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Qualities. Sentence for Qualities.

Use Qualities in a Sentence - How to use "Qualities" in a sentence

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Examples of qualities in a sentence

  1. In these qualities some of our forbears had the advantage of us.
  2. This man seems to be utterly lacking in masculine qualities.
  3. As a girl she had been a social success without possessing a single one of the qualities upon which social success is supposed to depend.
  4. He composed chiefly vocal works, in which he tried to reproduce the spirit and musical qualities of German folk songs.
  5. Birch was also a great believer in the corrosion-resistant qualities of cast iron columns, and this confidence was vindicated by time.
  6. After leaving domestic politics, his personal qualities paved the way for international positions of responsibility.
  7. Obedience, promptness, chivalry, order, courage, regularity, honor, truthfulness, were not unreasonable qualities to expect from such as they.
  8. Another means of securing the personal attachment of boys is to notice them, to take an interest in their pursuits, and the qualities and powers which they value in one another.
  9. Without these qualities there could be no advance; society must be stationary; and from a stationary to a retrograde condition, the progress is inevitable.
  10. They were prominent among the young herdsmen and hunters of the forest, for their courage, their activity, their strength, their various personal accomplishments, and their high and generous qualities of mind.
  11. Opportunities for these qualities were not wanting in their dealings with their countrymen, for the exiles in their differences with each other repaired much more readily to their own countrymen who were skilled in the law, than to the magistrates of the Babylonians.
  12. She was held in great veneration by all the people of Macedon; not on account of any personal qualities which she possessed to entitle her to such regard, but because she was the mother of Alexander.


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