Use purpose in a sentence

Use purpose in a sentence. How to use the word purpose in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word purpose. How to use “purpose” with example sentences

Definition of purpose

Examples of purpose in a sentence

*** The purpose of the edition is quite simple: to cut the boring bits of the original.

*** What is the purpose of that prayer?

*** What a doctor can not do is administer a medication for which the sole purpose is to end life.

*** The legal difference is that counterfeit medicines are manufactured for the purpose of deceiving people.

*** But with a clear and convincing sense of purpose, you can manage even the most difficult transitions.

*** Purpose: To discuss the permeability of the autogenous access of radial-cephalic hemodialysis using cephalic veins of small caliber.

*** Then the purpose, the ideal and the principles of the abstemious society were discussed.

*** Its purpose was more to repel a raid than to stand a siege.

*** The main moral objection to cloning for research is that it creates human life for the sole purpose of destroying it; use a human embryo simply as a means to an end.

*** This is a case in which one deliberately sets out to create an to be human with the sole purpose of destroying that human being.

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