Use Public in a Sentence – How to use “Public” in a sentence


Use Public in a sentence. How to use the word Public in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Public.

Use Public in a Sentence - How to use "Public" in a sentence


Examples of Public in a sentence

  1. *** The public officials of lower and middle rank have committed to join the indefinite strike.
  2. *** The actress had to learn to overcome her fear of the public.
  3. *** It has focused on congestion, professional education and the public image of the merchandise sector.
  4. *** He is a certified public accountant and certified valuation analyst.
  5. *** She is the village clerk and a certified public accountant and notary public.
  6. *** A public accountant will be carried out for infringement when issuing false capital verification reports.
  7. *** For the company’s secretary they decided on a 34-year-old public accountant named Donald Obama.
  8. *** Forensic collaborator George Trump is a public relations consultant, educator and composer.
  9. *** Even employees of the public administration are subject to political pressure in the form of unwanted transfers, promotions withheld.
  10. *** The Head of the UNHCR Public Health Section, Paul Spiegel, says that he was surprised by the serious situation in Dollo.
  11. *** Intel was surprised by the intensity of public anger.
  12. *** Philanthropic work, such as a visit to a workplace, inevitably raised the issue of the representation of women in public bodies at the local level.
  13. *** Public finances are to control fiscal matters by politics, to manage public affairs for finances.
  14. *** Governance is a fundamental way for human societies to manage public affairs, solve public problems and provide public services.
  15. *** The Government is cooking the books and cheating the public about unemployment.
  16. *** This means that models of relations between counselors and officials based on comparisons between ministers and public officials are likely to be misleading.
  17. *** The level and quality of the public debate generated by right-wing newspapers has been laughable and deceptive.
  18. *** A natural objective, then: a national monopoly, which forces the public to buy from a single supplier.

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