Use Provision in a Sentence – How to use “Provision” in a sentence


Use Provision in a sentence. How to use the word Provision in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Provision. Sentence for Provision.

Use Provision in a Sentence - How to use "Provision" in a sentence

Examples of Provision in a sentence

  1. The cuts will inevitably have an impact on the provision of the service.
  2. She began immediately to make provision for the voyage.
  3. The Book of the Law sought to avoid the greatest danger of all, by the provision that the people should not choose any stranger to be king.
  4. He therefore made provision for giving to Cassander a very high command in the army, but he gave Polysperchon the kingdom.
  5. Besides these arrangements in respect to the embassy, provision was, of course, to be made by the emperor for the government of the country during his absence.
  6. Very ample provision was made for Mary herself. She was to have a very large income.
  7. Mary Erskine, therefore, had to make provision for investing the four hundred dollars first.
  8. In addition to the liberal supplies which the Parliament granted to the queen, they made ample provision for maintaining the dignity and providing for the education of the young prince.
  9. The great difficulty was to find provision for them from day to day during the march.
  10. These children were quite young, but Cæsar thought that it would perhaps gratify the Alexandrians, and lead them to acquiesce more readily in his decision, if he were to make some royal provision for them.
  11. For older pupils, in the best institutions of the country, some suitable provision is made for this want; but the mothers of young children at home are often at a loss by what means to effect this purpose, and many are very imperfectly aware of the desirableness, and even the necessity, of doing this.
  12. In some cases, indeed, it would seem that it was scarcely developed at all; but there is a provision for it in the nature of man, while there is no provision for it at all in the sentient principles of the lower animals.


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