Use Profoundly in a Sentence, How to use “Profoundly” in a sentence


Use Profoundly in a sentence. How to use the word Profoundly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Profoundly. Sentence for Profoundly.

Use Profoundly in a Sentence - How to use "Profoundly" in a sentence

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Examples of profoundly in a sentence

  1. It may be the result of profoundly complex and obscure conditions, little understood until recent years.
  2. She slept very profoundly.
  3. It cannot be followed by any one who is not profoundly affected by religion, whether hostile or friendly to it.
  4. He had died already to the material fact, but he lived intensely, vividly, profoundly, in the idea.
  5. Never before had I been so profoundly convinced of the malignant will veiled by that thin figure.
  6. Stranger still, I felt not only that she recognized me, but that she possessed some secret which she wished to confide to me, that she was charged with a profoundly significant message which, sooner or later, she would find an opportunity to deliver.
  7. The conspirators kept their plans profoundly secret, except that one of them, when he had taken his seat by the side of a distinguished senator, asked him whether he had heard any thing new.
  8. The other troops were removed; Monk entered London in triumph, and took possession of all the strong holds there, holding them nominally under Parliamentary authority Monk still kept his ultimate designs profoundly secret.
  9. Antony, from whom the plans of the conspirators had been kept profoundly secret, stood by, looking on stupefied and confounded while the deed was done, but utterly unable to render his friend any protection.
  10. The senate looked toward him and were profoundly silent, wondering what he would have to reply.
  11. These persons were many months preparing the charges and the evidence, keeping their whole proceedings profoundly secret during all the time.
  12. Smerdis, the brother of Cambyses, would have been Cambyses’s successor if he had survived him; but he had been privately assassinated by Cambyses’s orders, though his death had been kept profoundly secret by those who had perpetrated the deed.
  13. They kept their designs profoundly secret, but prepared to leave L’Aigle that night, to go and seize Rouen, the capital, which they hoped to surprise into a surrender.

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