Use Prodigious in a Sentence, How to use “Prodigious” in a sentence


Use Prodigious in a sentence. How to use the word Prodigious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Prodigious. Sentence for Prodigious.

Use Prodigious in a Sentence - How to use "Prodigious" in a sentence

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Examples of prodigious in a sentence

  1. Despite the prodigious production, it shows all the signs of being gathered in a hurry.
  2. This shows what prodigious strength they have in their wings.
  3. At the same instant that the nail is cut off from the end of the plate by the cutting part of the engine, the end of it is flattened into a head by another part, which comes up suddenly and compresses the iron at that end with prodigious force.
  4. The prodigious pressure to which the hot iron is subjected in the process of making cut-nails, seems as it were to press the particles of iron closer together, and make the metal more compact and hard.
  5. Æneas, besides the prodigious strength and bravery for which he was renowned, was to be divinely aided, it was known, by the protection of his mother, who was always at hand to guide and support him in the conflict, and to succor him in danger.
  6. At another time, having landed for rest and refreshment among a group of Grecian islands, they were attacked by the _harpies_, birds of prey of prodigious size and most offensive habits, and fierce and voracious beyond description.
  7. The great divisions of sentiment in England, and the energy with which each party struggled against its opponents, produced, at all times, a prodigious pressure of opposing forces, which bore heavily upon the safety of the state and of Elizabeth’s government, and threatened them with continual danger.
  8. Sometimes, it is true, the operations of military heroes have been on such a prodigious scale as to make very serious inroads on the population of the greatest states.
  9. He pushed forward into the hottest part of the battle, his prodigious muscular strength enabling him to beat down and destroy, for a time, all who attempted to oppose him.


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