Use Prodigious in a Sentence, Definition, Usage, and Examples in English


Learn about the definition and usage of “prodigious” in English, including rules for use and 20 example sentences. Discover how to incorporate this versatile word into your writing.

Use Prodigious in a Sentence - How to use "Prodigious" in a sentence

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Definition of Prodigious

The term “prodigious” refers to something that is remarkable, extraordinary or immense in degree, size, or amount. It can also mean something that is exceptionally talented or gifted. The word can be used to describe both positive and negative things, depending on the context in which it is used. For example, a prodigious talent may be seen as a positive trait, while a prodigious appetite may be viewed as a negative one. Overall, the term conveys the idea of something that is exceptional, impressive or outstanding.

How is “Prodigious” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Prodigious”?

“Prodigious” is typically used to describe something that is exceptional or extraordinary in some way. Here are some examples of how “prodigious” can be used in English:

  1. “She had a prodigious memory and could recite entire poems from memory.”
  2. “The team’s prodigious efforts paid off when they won the championship.”
  3. “The storm brought with it prodigious winds and rain that caused widespread damage.”
  4. “He was a prodigious writer, producing dozens of books over the course of his career.”

When using “prodigious” in English, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. “Prodigious” is typically used to describe positive attributes or accomplishments, such as talent, effort, or success. However, it can also be used to describe negative attributes or situations, such as a prodigious appetite or a prodigious waste of resources.
  2. “Prodigious” is usually followed by a noun that describes the quality or attribute that is being described, such as a prodigious athlete or a prodigious intellect.
  3. The word “prodigious” is often used to emphasize the degree or amount of something, as in “a prodigious amount of work” or “a prodigious achievement.”

Overall, “prodigious” is a versatile word that can be used in a variety of contexts to describe exceptional or extraordinary qualities, achievements, or situations.


How to use the word Prodigious in a sentence?

here are 20 sample sentences that use the word “prodigious”:

  1. She had a prodigious talent for playing the piano.
  2. The athlete’s prodigious strength allowed her to break records.
  3. The team’s prodigious efforts paid off with a stunning victory.
  4. The company managed to increase profits through prodigious cost-cutting measures.
  5. The novel was a prodigious achievement, spanning over a thousand pages.
  6. The artist had a prodigious output, creating dozens of paintings each year.
  7. The storm brought prodigious amounts of rain and flooding to the region.
  8. His prodigious appetite for food was the stuff of legends.
  9. The building’s prodigious size made it a landmark in the city.
  10. The band’s prodigious musical talent impressed audiences everywhere.
  11. The scientist’s prodigious intellect allowed her to make groundbreaking discoveries.
  12. The politician was known for her prodigious speaking skills and charisma.
  13. The athlete’s prodigious speed and agility made her a formidable opponent.
  14. The musician’s prodigious talent on the guitar earned her a loyal following.
  15. The author’s prodigious imagination allowed her to create vivid and memorable worlds.
  16. The company’s prodigious growth over the past few years has been impressive.
  17. The chef’s prodigious cooking skills were on display at the upscale restaurant.
  18. The mountain range offered prodigious views of the surrounding landscape.
  19. The entrepreneur had a prodigious work ethic, putting in long hours every day.
  20. The young prodigy showed prodigious skill in math and science, far beyond her years.

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