Use Process in a Sentence, How to use “Process” in a sentence


Use Process in a sentence. How to use the word Process in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Process.

Use Process in a Sentence - How to use "Process" in a sentence


Definition of Process

  • a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular purpose.
  • a subpoena or a written statement that requires a person to appear in court.

Examples of Process in a sentence

  1. *** During the process you should be very careful to avoid accidents.
  2. *** For our project, we went to the factory and watched the manufacturing process.
  3. *** The process of collection and pretreatment in eucalyptus soil samples is important during the investigation on the distribution of regularity of the trace element in eucalyptus soil systems.
  4. *** The examples indicate that the use of the regression model in place of the modeling of processes and devices is superior in the optimized design of the process and in the prediction of the performance of the device.
  5. *** The process of the suggested variable selection method is simple, and the accumulated error is smaller than that of the partial least squares regression.
  6. *** In one embodiment, wood tar is subject to a separation process prior to supercritical extraction to remove a substantial portion of the unwanted components.
  7. *** A mathematical model is presented for the initial cartridge handling process of the gatling gun based on gas dynamics and mechanical dynamics.
  8. *** Such a process of education must inevitably begin with young people.
  9. *** But the process of leaving the method, game or conventional territory is indistinguishable from error.
  10. *** It has been argued that the reality of the social process is quite different from its appearance: we need to go beyond the deceptive superficial appearance to recognize its nature.
  11. *** To undo such rules, a new administration must provide convincing justification and go through a formal process of making rules, which can take months or years.
  12. *** A group of parameters of the centrifugal discharge process has also been provided, through which we can greatly reduce the segregation by specific gravity.

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