Use Problem in a Sentence, How to use “Problem” in a sentence


Use Problem in a sentence. How to use the word Problem in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Problem. Sentence for Problem.

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Examples of Problem in a sentence

  1. The problem of abortion is a political hot potato in the United States.
  2. The only problem is when they confuse unintelligible mystery people all the time.
  3. For circle vibrating screen, it is a familiar problem to do parameter optimization design.
  4. The decriminalization of euthanasia in China faces not only the same enigma as other countries, but also its own problem of cultural tradition and social reality.
  5. The affiliate advises investors to buy part of the problem.
  6. The central issue in the reform of the political system is still to solve the problem over the impetus, and the mechanism of action considers it essential in the political restructuring.
  7. Here, spongy masses on the head and neck do not present a problem if small.
  8. The chief problem is to maintain proper breathing and to control shock.
  9. Feeding the culture presents no problem – he just rinses out yoghurt pots and dog food tins into the water.
  10. One practical problem with the drug is that it is relatively expensive compared with phenytoin or phenobarbital.
  11. Parameter optimization of satellite system is a typical problem of MDO ( Multidisciplinary Design Optimization ).
  12. This paper discusses the problem of parameter optimization in ITAE criterion of ramp response for electrohydraulic servosystem, and puts forward a new scheme optimal design.
  13. Thirdly, because there is no involvement with a computer professional, there will be no interpersonal communication problem to overcome.
  14. ” that many people oppose the cloning of human embryos for valid religious and ethical reasons, the problem is not divided along the typical left / right political spectrum, even the defenders of freedom of choice and others who have secular political views and / or progressives find enough ethical concerns to oppose the procedure.

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