Use Probably in a Sentence, How to use “Probably” in a sentence


Use Probably in a sentence. How to use the word Probably in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Probably.

Use Probably in a Sentence - How to use "Probably" in a sentence

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Examples of Probably in a sentence

  1. And price / earnings relationships that seem absurdly high probably are.
  2. Probably the most widely distributed species in North America is Smilacina racemosa.
  3. it may rain, but it will probably be sunny again.
  4. The word probably signifies “gilded porch” and originally was applied to the altar recess of a small oratory or chapel.
  5. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a population density of approximately 6 per square mile (2 per sq km), and the average for the entire continent is probably only about 26 per square mile (10 per sq km).
  6. In general, West Africa has probably been more densely populated than eastern or central Africa.
  7. A middle position is probably more accurate.
  8. Cables have frequently been picked up showing after many years of submergence no appreciable deterioration in this respect, while in other cases ends have been picked up which in the course of twelve years had been corroded to needle points, the result probably of metalliferous deposits in the locality.
  9. The loss of viral replication by interferon can lead to a substantial regression of the liver disease and probably to a prolonged survival.
  10. He was probably born at Uitgeest, Holland.
  11. As noted, the historian of the Church Eusebius, who probably falsified the Testimonium Flavianum, does not relate this passage from Tacitus in his abundant writings.
  12. Most of them were probably recognized as sacred writings in the time of Alexander the Great.
  13. However, it is probably not a heresy to say that this situation can not be called exactly healthy, hardly inheriting from three centuries of the pomp and glory of Britain.
  14. These aberrations were probably caused by the division and chromosomal translocation of the gametocida chromosome.
  15. It had also acquired a reputation for “unsteadiness” in the shooting field, most probably because the hunters did not realize that Irish setters require much firmer handling than do other gundogs.

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