Use Principal in a Sentence, How to use “Principal” in a sentence


Use Principal in a sentence. How to use the word Principal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Principal. Sentence for Principal.

Use Principal in a Sentence - How to use "Principal" in a sentence

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Examples of principal in a sentence

  1. Lisa Porter, principal accountant of the company Partlow, joined the firm Drees.
  2. Petroleum refineries, iron-foundries, chemicals, soap-boiling, silk-spinning and the production of ships’ fittings, as marine steam boilers, anchors, chains, cables, are the other principal branches of industry.
  3. Gulick also served as principal of the Pratt Institute High School in Brooklyn (1900-1903), director of physical training for the New York City schools (1903-1906), and head of the department of child hygiene of the Russell Sage Foundation (1907-1913).
  4. The accused may be acquitted by a jury’s verdict of “not guilty,” by a judge’s ruling, or by simple operation of law, as in the case of an accessory when the principal is acquitted.
  5. 1st Earl Cowper (c. 1665-1723) English jurist and political leader, who was the principal English negotiator for the treaty of union with Scotland.
  6. The main gates, 16 in all, were located at the intersections of the principal roads of the city.
  7. While he occasionally painted small subjects on clay plaques, his principal work was executed on walls and portrayed human figures in superhuman proportions.
  8. Achaeans, one of the principal peoples of ancient Greece.
  9. The history of the area dates back to 1640, when fur trading was begun with the Leni-Lenape Indians, known to white settlers as “Delawares” from the name of the principal river in their territory.
  10. Our principal is to bring opportunities and hope for communities, and together we can bootstrap a new episode on Polkadot for mass adoption.


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