Use Primarily in a Sentence, How to use “Primarily” in a sentence


Use Primarily in a sentence. How to use the word Primarily in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Primarily. Sentence for Primarily.

Use Primarily in a Sentence - How to use "Primarily" in a sentence

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Examples of Primarily in a sentence

  1. They differ from the Forest Negroids primarily by their height, which averages just under 5 feet for males and about feet for females.
  2. A record safe is designed primarily to ensure that valuables will not be destroyed by fire.
  3. A money safe is designed primarily to provide protection against the theft of valuables.
  4. The Bushmen make their livelihood by hunting and gathering wild game and plants, and the Hottentots primarily by herding cattle.
  5. The great movement of people to the cities, however, is a recent phenomenon, and traditional Africa can be regarded primarily as composed of rural dwellers settled in small villages or dispersed hamlets and of nomadic or seminomadic peoples.
  6. In Tanzania and Kenya most Muslims are concentrated in coastal areas, whefeas in West African countries they are likely to be found primarily in the northerly regions.
  7. A serious contender needs a robust personality, even if it is primarily a delicacy team.
  8. In addition, precautions with unusual leucorrhoea respond primarily to abstaining sexual intercourse, notice the healing of menstruation, pregnancy and puerperium.
  9. Lamb was interested primarily in problems of hydrodynamics, on which he published a standard text in 1895.
  10. He was primarily a dramatist and librettist.
  11. The community are agreed not only in believing that piety consists primarily in love to God, but that _the life of piety is to be commenced by penitence for past sins, and forgiveness, in some way or other, through a Savior.
  12. As already remarked, Herodotus tells us nothing of any successes which Hophrah gained against Tyre and Sidon; in Diodorus the campaign of Hophrah is primarily directed against Cyprus, then against Sidon and the other cities.


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