Use Previous in a Sentence – How to use “Previous” in a sentence


Use Previous in a sentence. How to use the word Previous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Previous. Sentence for Previous.

Use Previous in a Sentence - How to use "Previous" in a sentence


Examples of Previous in a sentence

  1. Islam, of far smaller importance in the previous culture areas, is the religion dominant in the lives of most peoples.
  2. Abrogation may be effected either by the enactment of a new law that expressly declares the abolishment of an older one, or simply by the acceptance of another law whose provisions contradict a previous law.
  3. Related to the previous point, Olmsted was a fan of Horace Bushnell’s writings on “unconscious influence” in people.
  4. The previous runs of the Pundits included a piper, who provided musical accompaniment to the festivities.
  5. Based on the previous analysis, an acceleration estimation method based on the Radon Wigner Transform (RWT) is proposed.
  6. The luxurious screens and the brilliant floral displays of the previous days were gone.
  7. They had been made captive by Nebuchadnezzar, a previous king of Babylon, as is related in the Scriptures.
  8. The oracle replied in a couplet of Greek verse, similar in its style to the one recorded on the previous occasion.
  9. It proved that he was the son of a man whom Antony had at a previous time, on some account or other, caused to be beheaded.
  10. Having in mind the experience of the previous day, the compass was frequently consulted, but travel was difficult and progress slow.
  11. Next the house must be enlarged to make room for a family of six instead of two, as in the previous winter.
  12. Every summer we find it necessary to cut out trees which have been thrown across our trails by storms of the previous winter.
  13. The last of our stock of bacon had been consumed twenty-four hours earlier, and the last of our eggs had served as part of breakfast on the morning of the previous day.


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