Use Prerequisite in a Sentence, How to use “Prerequisite” in a sentence


How to use the word Prerequisite in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Prerequisite.

Prerequisite - Sentence for Prerequisite - Use Prerequisite in a Sentence


Definition of Prerequisite

  1. Necessary to something that follows.
  2. Something necessary to something else that follows, as a course that a student must pass before taking a more advanced course.

Examples of Prerequisite in a sentence

  1. Chemistry is a prerequisite course for medical training.
  2. Having reliable data for the current year is, of course, a prerequisite of good budgets.
  3. Prerequisite: Ability to use telekinesis as a supernatural ability.
  4. Passing a written exam is a prerequisite to taking the advanced course.
  5. The registration of a property right in the property registry is a prerequisite for the property.
  6. Legal reform was a prerequisite for social change, but it was not automatically its immediate precursor.
  7. The essential prerequisite for using the lever scale is that its creator knew the principle well.
  8. Therefore, inhibition of acids is not a prerequisite for hyperplasia.
  9. The economic man hypothesis is a basic prerequisite of the theory of Western economics.
  10. This suggests that the chiton’s eyes are capable of distinguishing forms, a prerequisite for true vision.
  11. With the prerequisite that the regular circulation of water in the heat collector is ensured, a steam box is used to cook the food, boil the drinking water and heat.
  12. And a personal computer is a prerequisite for accessing the Internet.
  13. At one time, physical presence was a prerequisite for first-hand experience.
  14. Although some previous knowledge of programming and / or statistics is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite for the course.
  15. He had the gift of the talk, which a training officer described as the main prerequisite.
  16. This issue of number portability is considered an essential prerequisite for competition.
  17. A prerequisite for forming relationships with other people is empathy.
  18. An essential prerequisite for this work will be the definition of occam directly implementable subsets.
  19. The detection of the focus plane information is an important prerequisite to guarantee the high quality image of the aerial camera.

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