Use prepared in a sentence

Use prepared in a sentence. How to use the word prepared in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word prepared. How to use “prepared” with example sentences

Definition of prepared

Examples of prepared in a sentence

*** The accountant has prepared the balance for the first semester.

*** The prepared texts of Mr. Clinton’s and Mr. Bush’s speeches on trade policy are indistinguishable from each other.

*** The N-acetyl-carnosine ophthalmic drops were prepared, and were stable at room temperature for 2 years.

*** The title compound was prepared from sodium monomethyl sulfate and acetyl ethenoxide, which was obtained from the reaction of acetone, sodium methoxide and methyl formate. The total yield was 71.8%?

*** You can serve hearty meals without doing anything other than preparing a meal prepared in the microwave.

*** I must see how a room is prepared for him.

*** “Charisma by Madame Tussaud”, the venerable film critic Roger Ebert humiliates, while the film is prepared without effort to maintain its position at the top of the box office on both sides of the Atlantic this weekend.

*** Longacting ACTH has been prepared and tested clinically in the treatment of various diseases.

*** When hemorrhage is not severe, it may be controlled by cold compresses, by judicious pres-sure, or by local application of thrombin, a basic blood factor, and Oxycel, a commercially prepared agent.

*** Despite the call to conscience and to have also appealed to demonstrate culture when celebrating the arrival of the New Year, the massive presence of garbage in the Avenida del Mar was again the outlook of this January 1, so the municipality had to deploy from the first hour the contingency operation prepared for this day.

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