Use Precipitous in a Sentence, How to use “Precipitous” in a sentence


Use Precipitous in a sentence. How to use the word Precipitous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Precipitous. Sentence for Precipitous.

Use Precipitous in a Sentence - How to use "Precipitous" in a sentence

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Examples of Precipitous in a sentence

  1. A toothlike eminence, it rises from precipitous ridges to an elevation of 22,834 feet.
  2. The Alps are very precipitous on the Italian side.
  3. The dell was narrow, and was protected by precipitous rocks on each side.
  4. The sides were less precipitous, and thus were more convenient for building ground.
  5. They lived in impregnable and almost inaccessible fastnesses, among dark glens and precipitous mountains, and upon gloomy islands surrounded by iron-bound coasts and stormy seas.
  6. Almost all the castles of those times were built upon precipitous hills, to increase the difficulties of the enemies in approaching them.
  7. There are precipitous crags on three sides of the hill, and a gradual approach by a long ascent on the fourth side.
  8. Here she visited a very lofty and precipitous mountain, which could only be ascended on one side.
  9. You would not suppose, when viewing these shores from a distance, that there was any place to land, so closely do the precipitous slopes of the mountains seem to shut the water in.
  10. This belt of land is covered with villages, hamlets, vineyards, orchards, and gardens, and it forms a most enchanting series of landscapes, from whatever point it is seen, while the more precipitous slopes of the mountains, towering above in grandeur and sublimity, complete the enchantment of the view.
  11. He crossed a brook which came in his way, and entered into a little dell, which promised to afford a hiding-place, since it was encumbered with precipitous rocks and shaded with trees.
  12. They pressed forward, ascending continually, till their road grew extremely precipitous and insecure, threading its way through almost impassable defiles, with rugged cliffs overhanging them, and snowy summits towering all around.


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