Use Precipitous in a Sentence and How is “Precipitous” used in English?


Use Precipitous in a sentence. How to use the word Precipitous in a sentence? How is “Precipitous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Precipitous”? Sentence for Precipitous.

Use Precipitous in a Sentence - How to use "Precipitous" in a sentence

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Definition of Precipitous

The word “precipitous” is an adjective that describes something that is steep, abrupt, or sudden in its decline, increase, or occurrence. It can be used to describe a decline or fall, such as a precipitous drop in stock prices, or a sudden and steep increase, such as a precipitous rise in temperature. It can also describe something that is steep or steeply sloping, such as a precipitous cliff or mountain. The word is often used to describe a situation or event that is sudden and dramatic, and that takes place very quickly.

How is “Precipitous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Precipitous”?

Precipitous” is an adjective used to describe things that are steep, steeply inclined, or abrupt. It can be used to describe physical features, such as a precipitous cliff or a precipitous drop in temperature. It can also be used to describe a sudden, rapid, or dramatic change in a situation, such as a precipitous decline in sales or a precipitous increase in crime.

Here are some rules for using “precipitous” correctly in English:

  1. Spelling: “Precipitous” is spelled with two “i“s and two “t“s.
  2. Pronunciation: “Precipitous” is pronounced pre-SIP-uh-tuhs.
  3. Context: “Precipitous” is usually used in a negative or cautionary sense to describe something that is dangerous or potentially problematic.
  4. Comparison: “Precipitous” can be used to make comparisons, such as “The decline in sales was more precipitous this quarter than last quarter.
  5. Modifiers: Adjectives such as “very,” “quite,” and “somewhat” can be used to modify “precipitous” to convey different levels of steepness or suddenness.

Examples of Precipitous in a sentence

Here are 20 sentences using the word “precipitous“:

  1. The climbers had to navigate the precipitous mountain trails carefully to avoid falling.
  2. The stock market experienced a precipitous drop after the announcement of a new tax law.
  3. The precipitous decline in the population of the endangered species was cause for concern.
  4. The precipitous rise in housing prices made it difficult for many people to afford a home.
  5. The hike was challenging because of the steep, precipitous cliffs.
  6. The company’s financial performance took a precipitous turn for the worse after the recession.
  7. The precipitous drop in temperature was a sign that winter was coming.
  8. The precipitous plunge into the river below left the onlookers stunned.
  9. The precipitous decrease in oil prices had a significant impact on the global economy.
  10. The precipitous ascent to the top of the tall building was not for the faint of heart.
  11. The precipitous slide in the popularity of the political party was a surprise to many.
  12. The new policy caused a precipitous drop in the morale of the employees.
  13. The precipitous increase in crime in the city had residents on edge.
  14. The precipitous fall from grace of the once popular athlete was due to a scandal.
  15. The precipitous rise of technology in recent years has changed the way we live.
  16. The precipitous drop in test scores was a wake-up call for the school district.
  17. The precipitous decline in the number of tourists visiting the city was a major concern for local businesses.
  18. The precipitous climb in gas prices made it more expensive to fill up the car.
  19. The precipitous plunge in the value of the currency was a cause for alarm.
  20. The precipitous fall of the business empire was a result of mismanagement and corruption.

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