Use Practice in a Sentence – How to use “Practice” in a sentence


Use Practice in a sentence. How to use the word Practice in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Practice. Sentence for Practice.

Use Practice in a Sentence - How to use "Practice" in a sentence


Examples of practice in a sentence

  1. In 1969 he returned to his law practice.
  2. His practice of having a preliminary etching, followed by a second and even third biting, as the foundation upon which to exercise the graver or burin fixed the method and contribution of the English school of engraving.
  3. He received a doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Pennsylvania in 1879, returned to Berlin, and began to practice with Abbot.
  4. It is illegal for the doctor to practice euthanasia.
  5. Many people, however, are totally against the practice of euthanasia, Dr.
  6. But it seems that these profit-hungry hospitals have found a way to practice legalized euthanasia.
  7. Operation Roaring Lion was launched from a former air base, to practice the evacuation of civilians from war zones.
  8. Some research examples have shown that the “turbulence optimization” will generate a great economic benefit and will give a boost to the theory and practice of rolling.
  9. As practice indicates, ethics and morality, in the social process, also function as a force of orientation, impulse and restriction.
  10. Encomienda, the practice by which the Spanish crown turned over American Indians in groups to a conquistador whom the king wished to reward.
  11. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in dentistry in 1896 but did not practice and turned to writing.
  12. In 1721, when an epidemic of smallpox broke out in colonial Boston, the minister Cotton Mather told of reports of inoculations performed in Turkey and urged ali physicians to begin the practice at once.
  13. As a result of the affair, Parliament passed an act forbidding women to engage in the practice of law.

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