Use Potatoes in a Sentence, How to use “Potatoes” in a sentence


Use Potatoes in a sentence. How to use the word Potatoes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Potatoes. Sentence for Potatoes.

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Examples of Potatoes in a sentence

  1. Potatoes are still the most popular food, followed by white bread.
  2. So Mary Bell took the two potatoes and went down to the brook to wash them.
  3. He ordered fried trout, veal cutlets, fried potatoes, an omelette, coffee, and bread and honey.
  4. Oats, turnips, and hay are the chief crops, barley is of limited importance, and there is minor production of such specialties as seed potatoes.
  5. There were four potatoes and four apples, each rolled up in a separate paper.
  6. They roasted their potatoes in the fire, and their apples in front of it.
  7. So she determined to plant her potatoes instead of roasting them.
  8. Efforts to diversify the farm economy resulted in the cultivation and export of fruits, peanuts, and potatoes, and, by 1969, Egypt was fourth among the world’s leading exporters of rice.
  9. Creative chefs cover potatoes with smoked salmon or caviar, or grind raw potatoes as a coating for baked fish or shrimp.
  10. The roast had been served, and I was in the act of helping myself to potatoes, when I became aware that Mr. Vanderbridge had again fallen into his reverie.
  11. So Rollo went to the waiter, and after talking with him a little while, came back and said that he had ordered some fried trout, some veal cutlets, fried potatoes, an omelette, and some coffee.
  12. After sailing the potatoes about for some time, her eye chanced to fall upon a smooth spot in the sand, which she thought would make a good place for a garden.
  13. After watering her garden again and again, Mary Bell concluded on the whole not to wait for her potatoes to grow, but dug them up and began to wash them in the brook, to make them ready for the roasting.


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