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Use political in a sentence. Sentence for political. How to use the word political in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word political. How to use “political” with example sentences.

Definition of political

Examples of political in a sentence

*** Andrew Jackson DONELSON (1799-1871), American political leader.

*** Morellet’s growing interest in political economy was evidenced in his writings at this period in his life.

*** The political entities of the 20th century are the survivors of a fierce rivalry.

*** The emergence of the eugenic movement in the early twentieth century crystallized the intellectual and political imperatives of evolutionary biology.

*** Although the reform proposals have received little political support, the argument in favor of disability discrimination legislation has become increasingly convincing.

*** Euthanasia for terminal patients is a political hot potato.

*** This unanimity encouraged local leaders to refrain from political initiatives and to focus on local and day-to-day problems.

*** That in turn, hopefully, would provide an impetus for a closer political union.

*** The Commission has many allies when it argues that the enlargement of the Community will provide the necessary impetus for closer political integration.

*** Though not a political organization, the Samaj encouraged militant nationalism prior to India’s independence.

*** He also wrote a number of political pamphlets in which he supported the government.

*** They advocated that slavery be abolished immediately, regardless of political consequences or of constitutional guarantees to the slaveholders.

*** In addition to the Liberator, a brilliant group of orators, philanthropists, and political leaders kept the slavery issue before the people.

*** But in 1840 the abolitionists divided on the question of the formation of a political antislavery party, and the two wings remained active on separate lines to the end.

*** The news contained a miscellany of everything that might interest the citizen: the latest war news; abstracts of the best speeches in the Senate, the Forum, or the courts; and the most important legal decisions or political events (probably even interviews).

*** Albert Jeremiah Beveridge; (1862-1927), American political leader and historian.

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