Use Poetry in a Sentence, How to use “Poetry” in a sentence


Use Poetry in a sentence. How to use the word Poetry in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Poetry. Sentence for Poetry.

Origins and History Of Lyric Poetry - What is lyric poetry?

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Examples of Poetry in a sentence

  1. Anna Barbauld’s earliest poetry was published in Poems (1773).
  2. Some famous and some less well known Santa Claus poetry.
  3. Love is the poetry of the senses.
  4. Poetry is a search for the inexplicable.
  5. A Child’s Garden of Verses is a collection of poetry for children by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, a collection that concerns childhood, illness, play, and solitude.
  6. Baratynsky’s poetry placed him among the romanticists of Pushkin’s group.
  7. Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved.
  8. Baratynsky wrote of his poetry: “My muse is no raving beauty, but one is struck by the uncommon expression of her face.
  9. Throughout is an awareness of the brevity of life and the imminence of death, reminiscent of Anglo-Saxon poetry.
  10. Garcia Gutierrez also wrote two volumes of poetry, Poesias (1840) and Luz y tiniehlas (1842).
  11. Influenced by the poetry and philosophy of Pierre Gassendi, she soon became a celebrated writer, sometimes called the “lOth Muse.”
  12. He is mentioned in William Wordsworth’s poetry.
  13. It was the subject of poetry, painting, and sculpture in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome and became a popular lapdog in Elizabethan England.
  14. A. E. Coppard’s poetry reveals a unique sensitivity to words and rhythms.
  15. His first volume of poetry, Stances et poemes, appeared in 1865, and in 1866 he was among the contributors to the anthology Le Parnasse contemporain.
  16. Among his later collections of poetry are Les Epreuoes (1886), Les Solitudes (1869), La Justice (1878), and Le Bonheur (1888).
  17. Although he was an intelligent, sensitive, and articulate writer, his poetry lacks music, color, or verbal inventiveness and is really prose in verse form.
  18. Fausset also wrote poetry, including The Spirit of Love: ASonnet Sequence (1921), and a number of novels among them The Last Days: A Country Chronick (1945).


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