Use Please in a Sentence – How to use “Please” in a sentence


Use Please in a sentence. How to use the word Please in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Please. Sentence for Please.

Use Please in a Sentence - How to use "Please" in a sentence

Examples of Please in a sentence

  1. Please note that we designed these blocking features to work only with messages sent and received within
  2. Please note that this function allows ONLY United States residents to search for Members within a set distance from any ZIP code.
  3. Please note; if you choose a country other than the United States or Canada, the State/Province field will have no effect.
  4. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  5. Please accept my warmest congratulations for your commitment.
  6. Please accept this gift as a mark of our respect.
  7. Please accept me as a friend.
  8. Please accept my sincere congratulations on your marriage.
  9. It’s boring, but please be careful.
  10. Please support us by giving us clothes, unwanted items, but salable, etc.
  11. I’ll have the combination of shrimp and chicken, please.
  12. Political leaders almost inevitably please large companies.
  13. It is not necessary to impart a message, there is no need to please the masses, there is no need to conform.
  14. Xerox these documents, please.
  15. Could you xerox this letter please, Elizabeth?
  16. Please read and take advantage of our dedicated Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her and her friends.
  17. But despite the rigorous process, you really can’t please everyone.
  18. Please share this article also on the Social Networking Sites on which you people are active on.
  19. It does not appear to interest or please him at all.
  20. Each one may take one of the papers which have been distributed, and you may write upon them any thing you please relating to the subject.
  21. “‘Please to form a regular line,’ said the lady commander.
  22. In order, now, that any action should be pleasing to God, it is necessary it should be performed from the motive of a desire to please him.


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