Use Playing in a Sentence, How to use “Playing” in a sentence


Use Playing in a sentence. How to use the word Playing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Playing. Sentence for Playing.

Use Playing in a Sentence - How to use "Playing" in a sentence

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Examples of Playing in a sentence

  1. Playing the lone wolf, as always.
  2. Love is like playing the piano.
  3. They are playing the show, not just doing the songs …
  4. He has been playing tennis since this morning.
  5. You can improve the effect when playing or meeting with your friends.
  6. In the near future, look for the Giants playing in downtown San Francisco and the 49ers in the Peninsula.
  7. Many of them cried openly while playing their favorite music in the congregation.
  8. Montana, 41, seemed as happy as the children playing at the zoo.
  9. At his left is the frame that has the grip for operating the bellows and also has the keys for playing bass notes and full chords.
  10. The dangerous game she and Martos were playing was beginning to physically manifest itself.
  11. Many of my friends seem to do nothing but amuse themselves by playing games with games machines.
  12. After those losses and the day before playing the Saukees, Reeder said he looked for any reason to kick his team out of practice.
  13. So Ian is really playing with fire and risking his marriage just by being alone with Clare.
  14. Bohemian Rhapsody approaches this story of origin, with Lucy Boynton playing Austin.
  15. It was quite possibly the best weekend of my ultimate playing career.
  16. Born in 1904 in Lubny (now part of Ukraine), Rudenko began to learn chess from her father at the age of 10, but did not start playing tournaments until she was 25 years old.
  17. Jose Canseco earned over $45 million by playing professional baseball in his 16-year long career, but legal issues, personal problems and money battles tailed him since he quit Major League Baseball.
  18. For example, suppose we should see a boy, eighteen years old, playing marbles a great deal, we should say that he was boyish.


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