Use Plan in a Sentence, How to use “Plan” in a sentence


Use Plan in a sentence. How to use the word Plan in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Plan. Sentence for Plan.

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Examples of Plan in a sentence

  1. The plan was a bad egg.
  2. He entered into the plan with zest.
  3. Father approved our plan to visit Manisa.
  4. Now, all three plan to contribute USDT as per below:
  5. She was overjoyed to hear that their plan was working.
  6. That plan will now include local businesses.
  7. Qualifying postpaid Simple Choice plan and capable device required.
  8. On Black Friday in 2012, Koodo again revamped its postpaid plan lineup.
  9. This is our top priority, and we plan to announce it as soon as it becomes available.
  10. The city asked Lyons to respond with a plan to reduce calls for service.
  11. We plan to develop a game with your SOL Tigers if there is a hype around our biggest project.
  12. We plan made-to-order trips for individuals who like to travel at their own pace.
  13. Based on the principles of web3, we will listen to the community’s interests and will come up with a plan accordingly.
  14. Manage compensation, benefit, allowance, insurance, pension and savings plans for employees, working with insurance brokers and plan providers.
  15. It marks the beginning of a long-term plan to make JXTA pairs more manageable and easier to administer.
  16. Part of the plan was that the city should not fall into office, industrial and residential areas, but mix all three.
  17. Recent details of the zoo’s master plan were presented to the Planning Commission on Thursday in a 190-page environmental impact report.
  18. The president’s plan gave new impetus to the industry.
  19. But Knight developed a unique business plan to achieve his mission.
  20. The plan proposes an economic positioning strategy identifying office and research development opportunities that complement established business clusters in adjacent Cambridge and Boston.

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