Use Pirates in a Sentence – How to use “Pirates” in a sentence


Use Pirates in a sentence. How to use the word Pirates in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Pirates. Sentence for Pirates.

Use Pirate in a Sentence - How to use "Pirate" in a sentence


Examples of Pirates in a sentence

  1. Pompey drives the pirates before him.
  2. The pirates grew bolder and bolder in proportion to their success.
  3. Caesar himself fell into the hands of these pirates at some time during the period of his wanderings.
  4. Caesar paid it to the pirates, and they, faithful to their covenant, sent him in a boat to the land.
  5. The pirates had increased in numbers during the wars between Marius and Sylla in a very alarming degree.
  6. The pirates asked him one day what he should do to them if he should ever, at any future time, take them prisoners.
  7. The pirates captured the ship in which he was sailing near Pharmacusa, a small island in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea.
  8. In a word, he did exactly what pirates are hung for doing, and execrated afterward by all mankind.
  9. They called them robbers and pirates; and robbers and pirates they must forever remain.
  10. The Cilician pirates considered themselves at war with all mankind, and, whatever merchandise they found passing from port to port along the shores of the Mediterranean, they considered lawful spoil.
  11. To man his little fleet, Alfred had to enlist such half-savage foreigners as could be found in the ports, and even pirates, as was said, whom he induced to enter his service, promising them pay, and such plunder as they could take from the enemy.
  12. He sailed at once to the roadstead where the pirates had been lying, and found them still at anchor there, in perfect security.
  13. Beginning at the Straits of Gibraltar, Pompey cruised with a powerful fleet toward the east, driving the pirates before him, the lieutenants, who were stationed along the coast being on the alert to prevent them from finding any places of retreat or refuge.

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