Use Pious in a Sentence – How to use “Pious” in a sentence


Use Pious in a sentence. How to use the word Pious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Pious.

Use Pious in a Sentence - How to use "Pious" in a sentence


Examples of Pious in a sentence

  1. The pious man must rise early.
  2. From this we learn that the religion received by the pious Zarathrustra lasted for 300 years in purity.
  3. Look on the beams of fire with pious mind.
  4. Among the heroes of the ancient time and the spirits of the pious who are invoked in the prayers of the Avesta, the immortal part of King VistaƧpa is repeatedly invoked besides Zarathrustra and Frashaostra.
  5. No system of education is complete that does not harden the hands or harden the muscles, while it also develops the intellect and enlarges the heart … only through work do we achieve the true symmetry, strength and glory of the pious and masculine humanity.
  6. The husband decides to send the child to a progressive school, but Laura insists that the child be raised by the pious women at home.
  7. The ideas of the Veda about the hosts of the spirits of ancestors, and the entrance of the good and pious into the heaven of light, are also current among the Arians of Iran.
  8. He who first willed that the spaces of the sky should clothe themselves with lights, he in his wisdom establishes the law of duty for the pious.
  9. I regarded thee as the most excellent, O Mazda, whom thy people have to worship in spirit, as the father of the pious, since I saw thee with my eye, as the eternal law-giver of the world, living in his works.
  10. According to the books of the Parsees, Asha builds the bridge of Chinvat, to which the souls come after death, making it wide when the pious souls step upon it.
  11. The pious man should be industrious and work; the best work is that which increases nourishment and fruit for men and animals, which furthers the increase and life of the world, and thus diminishes the kingdom of the evil, the power of the dark spirits.

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