Use Picturesque in a Sentence & How to use “Picturesque” in a sentence


How to use the word Picturesque in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Picturesque.

Picturesque - Sentence for Picturesque - Use Picturesque in a Sentence


Examples of Picturesque in a sentence

  1. Pneumonia is not picturesque, but it is very dangerous.
  2. Left to itself, the functional will throw a deathbed glow of picturesque abandon.
  3. Alghero is a picturesque seaside town, still functioning as a commercial fishing port
  4. Pennan provided the setting for the film’s village, but the picturesque beach was filmed in Morar, near Arisaig.
  5. It is located on three acres of garden, and overlooks the picturesque valley of Looe.
  6. We visit the picturesque fishing village of Lochinver.
  7. Singularly picturesque with its buildings in ruins, dilapidated stairs, people in ruins.
  8. The rural picturesque was not just an artistic way with her, it was a passionate conviction.
  9. If Jerba was picturesque, Nefta is magical and I regret having to fly home in a week.
  10. It is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and idyllic workplaces in the county (prayer dictionary) if it is not the country.
  11. A private shed serves as a portal to a picturesque Adirondack lake.
  12. It was mid-autumn, and most of the tourists who crowded into picturesque villages in the summer had disappeared.
  13. Under a pear tree at the opposite end of the orchard was a picturesque shed built of wood.
  14. Apart from the road, the hotel is reached through picturesque paths with characteristic pastel buildings.
  15. Houshold waste and builders scattered by some of the most picturesque parts of the forest.
  16. Its land Wufeng high, peak forms, sound, like screen, picturesque mountain pine, rocks and imposing.
  17. Enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast buffet every morning before leaving to explore this picturesque city and the surrounding countryside of Moselle.
  18. Soothing and sulphurous water bubbles upwards, then downwards, through a series of picturesque stepped natural pools and, at 38 ° C, your mind will be frozen.
  19. The contrasting colors of blue sky and golden fruit are irresistibly picturesque.
  20. The suffocating summer wins numerous poetic and picturesque scenes thanks to the green.
  21. A picturesque description of life at sea.
  22. Greece was a picturesque and ever-changing scene of mountains and valleys; of precipitous cliffs, winding beaches, rocky capes, and lofty headlands.
  23. The Republic of Mozambique is located in South East Africa with a picturesque view and a pleasant climate.


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