Use Persecution in a Sentence, How to use “Persecution” in a sentence


Use Persecution in a sentence. How to use the word Persecution in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Persecution. Sentence for Persecution.

Persecution - Sentence for Persecution - Use Persecution in a Sentence


Examples of Persecution in a sentence

  1. I am sick of persecution.
  2. This horrible persecution was, however, of no avail.
  3. Straus, who was of Jewish parentage, left Vienna in 1939 to escape Nazi persecution.
  4. Despite persecution, she remained faithful to her beliefs.
  5. Thus, the Zen sect gave rise to the double tendency of calm mental persecution and the sentimental and unspiritual mentality of the first literary men of the song.
  6. Their discord provided accompaniment for the persecution that now developed between the two beings.
  7. It is not enough that ecclesiastical men abstain from violence, rapine and all kinds of persecution.
  8. His ministry was to help Christians escape this persecution and provide them with the sacraments, such as marriage.
  9. One would have thought that this sort of persecution would have awakened some sympathy in the archbishop’s favor; but it was too late.
  10. The persecution of King Constantine by the Press of the Allied countries, with some few good exceptions, has been one of the most tragic affairs since the Dreyfus case.
  11. When he had collected there an army of adventurers he returned at their head, subverted the constitution, and set on foot a cruel persecution against all who had adhered to it.
  12. Egyptian inscriptions prove that under Cambyses there was no sort of religious persecution, but quite the reverse.
  13. The second is, that, if they are to attain to this Feast, they must pass through suffering and persecution, by ‘witnessing’ or ‘testifying’ to Christ, as being their King, in opposition to the Gods of the Romans.
  14. This ‘witness,’ or _martyria_, is so closely associated in their minds with the notion of persecution that ‘martyrdom,’ with them, has come to imply, almost always, death.

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