Use Perpetually in a Sentence, How to use “Perpetually” in a sentence


Use Perpetually in a sentence. How to use the word Perpetually in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Perpetually. Sentence for Perpetually.

Use Perpetually in a Sentence - How to use "Perpetually" in a sentence


Examples of Perpetually in a sentence

  1. It refers perpetually to the triple Veda.
  2. Hemophilia, a hereditary bjood condition in which clotting is delayed or does not occur, perpetually threatening the victim with death from hemorrhage.
  3. Each of these children remained perpetually a child, and Eros, in later times called Cupid, became the god of “love bestowed,” while Anteros was the God of “love returned.”
  4. One of the chief functions of the virgins, in their service in the temple, was to keep the sacred fire perpetually burning.
  5. Beside this offering, which even now is offered twice each day by the priests of the Parsees, the fire is to be kept up perpetually, and fed with good dry wood and perfumes.
  6. He is to be spoken of with the same reverence as the house-father on the Ganges; the wife is to be honoured, but is to “be watched perpetually, like the fire of Auramazda.”
  7. They reminded them perpetually of “the casting of the soul into hell and hell-torments.”
  8. The gods and spirits are perpetually interfering in the life and actions of men.
  9. Some fast, others sit between four fires, others perpetually hold their hands above their heads, others lie on hot ashes, others on a wooden bed covered with sharp points.
  10. The two ladies disputed perpetually on this point, which, of course, could never be settled.
  11. Thus he changed his field of action successively from Macedon to Italy, from Italy to Sicily, from Sicily back to Italy, and from Italy to Macedon again, perpetually making new beginnings, but nowhere attaining any ends.
  12. From this point of view we perceive that the body of a man is his executioner; and in the senses we recognise desolated villages, in the things of the external world, the enemies and plunderers which perpetually attack men, disquiet and ravage them.

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