Use Permission in a Sentence, How to use “Permission” in a sentence


Use Permission in a sentence. How to use the word Permission in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Permission. Sentence for Permission.

Use Permission in a Sentence - How to use "Permission" in a sentence

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Examples of permission in a sentence

  1. Penelope Knight was unable to obtain permission from the Sunriver Owners Association, officials said.
  2. Their permission is given on the understanding that it can be withdrawn at any time for any reason.
  3. Recently, she was given permission to adopt twin girls who lost their mother.
  4. How, then, you will ask, can the teacher regulate this practice, so as to prevent the evils which will otherwise flow from it, without being continually interrupted by the request for permission?
  5. During this time general permission should be given for the pupils to speak to each other, or to leave their seats, provided they do nothing at such a time to disturb the studies of others.
  6. At other times, I think it very probable that when it is quite desirable for you to leave your seat you do not ask, because you think you may not obtain permission, and you do not wish to ask and be refused.
  7. Instead of deciding the question of the _frequency_ of this general permission, the teacher may, if he pleases, leave it to the pupils to decide.
  8. Even if they vote to have the general permission to whisper every half hour, it will make but eight minutes in the forenoon.
  9. Perhaps not altogether, for many cases may occur where the teacher may choose to give a particular class permission to come to him for help.
  10. When he reads it, let him state that it was written at his request, and give the other boys permission to leave their proposals or questions on his desk in the same way.
  11. You will ask, “Can not we obtain permission of you or of the teachers to leave our seats or to whisper if it is necessary?”


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