Use Performance in a Sentence – How to use “Performance” in a sentence


Use Performance in a sentence. How to use the word Performance in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Performance. Sentence for Performance.

Use Performance in a Sentence - How to use "Performance" in a sentence

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Examples of Performance in a sentence

  • Carl Perkins played guitar during the performance.
  • I enjoyed every moment of the group’s performance.
  • Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?
  • Manisa critics had praised her performance.
  • Cash also sang the song as a comedy performance in December 1969 at Madison Square Garden.
  • Miss Sullavan first won wide acclaim for her performance in Dinner at Eight in 1933.
  • Garmin is founded on the principles of innovation, convenience, performance, value, and service.
  • The method produces optimal rate-distortion performance in a fixed block size DCT.
  • We know some of you are not happy with the performance of $SpoFi on Pancakeswap and we understand that.
  • Progress allows a miner not only to improve his performance on LAND that he can already mine, but also grants him access to LAND that he couldn’t access before.
  • The ideal performance test environment is made up of dedicated server machines with a dedicated network connecting them.
  • The small area chemical composition quantitative analysis of performance slag cementitious materials was studied using XPS.
  • According to performance requirement, the software subsystem can be divided into security management system, taxi scheduling system and office automation system.
  • The man-made planar constraint will result that the constraints of a planar closed-chain becomes indeterminate-statically, so the performance of mechanical system is very sensitive to error.
  • Although person body still obviously frail, but he already unfolded the future through the performance to become star player’s potential.
  • Macro – defect – free cements have become an important orientation of high performance cementitious materials.
  • It also lays firm basis on reasonably making the maintenance project and correctly predicating the pavement performance.
  • Our company specially release following computer chairs with performance and preferential prices.


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