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Use People in a sentence. How to use the word People in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word People.

Definition of People

Examples of People in a sentence

*** People around the world usually celebrate this day with their loved ones and often in large gatherings.

*** Whether it’s a New Year‘s Eve party or a picnic on the first day of the year, people have their own way to welcome the new year.

*** The encounter of subjectivity reflects the undefined and insecure mentality of people to understand the future.

*** But in the desert, people are soon thirsty and hungry, and mutinous.

*** People have to accept the harsh demand of war.

*** I find it incredible that people can accept this type of behavior.

*** I was boring people with more of their bad luck stories.

*** People thought that the use of robots would end the boring, poorly paid factory jobs.

*** In eastern Africa the entire East Hom area and the people of the coastal regions from northern Kenya to as far south as southern Mozambique adopted islam.

*** We are conducting a survey to find out what people think about abortion.

*** They can help people maintain a healthy diet and not overeat.

*** People like me are often called “workaholics”.

*** They kept the egg in their faces when only ten people showed up

*** people were rationed to one egg per week.

*** People with high blood pressure are especially vulnerable to diabetes.

*** Then people will appreciate your leadership.

*** Dogs that run free can be inopportune, frightening people or leave unwanted “gifts”.

*** For some people it can be an unwanted distraction; for others it can be an exciting and invaluable asset.

*** Many people come from outlying or surrounding towns to work in the city.

*** Most people hate the snake.

*** Many people recoil in horror when they see a large spider like this one.

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