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Use Peninsula in a sentence. How to use the word Peninsula in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Peninsula.

Definition of Peninsula

Examples of Peninsula in a sentence

*** Your house is located at the tip of the peninsula.

*** The Balkan Peninsula has remains of human habitation dating back to approximately 6000 b.c.

*** Eurasia, is Europe and Asia combined, with Europe regarded as a western peninsula of the whole.

*** The Korean peninsula is located west of Japan.

*** All the attractions of the peninsula make signs.

*** The peninsula of Jandia is a stretch of white sand backed by a mountain range.

*** It is difficult to imagine how the North and the South could reach an agreement on a formula to unify the divided peninsula.

*** The ship was anchored on the north coast of the peninsula.

*** Here was the most adorable situation, a sandspit that had been built on a peninsula.

*** The Roman past lay more heavily on the Iberian peninsula.

*** The prospects for any kind of reconciliation in the divided peninsula seemed really slim.

*** For the most part, it is a unique and leafy sanctuary in the middle of a crowded and increasingly urbanized peninsula.

*** The Army and police remained under intense pressure on the Jaffna peninsula, where many camps and stations were under siege.

*** Meanwhile, the air force continued to bombard the positions of the tigers in the peninsula.

*** In northern Scandinavia there is only one narrow band a few kilometers wide along the north-east coast of the Kola peninsula.

*** The cove covers 6,500 hectares of intertidal land between the Gower peninsula and Llanelli.

*** His behavior grew more serious the following night when we camped on a peninsula on the lake.

*** The idea of ​​a holiday in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula was developed in the previous six months.

*** The sea is widely expected to break the narrowest point of the peninsula any year.

*** Although the numbers of the rebels are small, it is known that there are many infiltrators and sympathizers in the peninsula.

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