Use Pay in a Sentence

Use Pay in a sentence. How to use the word Pay in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Pay.

Definition of Pay

1. give (someone) the money that is owed for the work done, the goods received or a debt incurred.

2. suffer a misfortune as a result of an action.

3. the money paid to someone for regular work.

Examples of Pay in a sentence

*** I would pay to use an accountant.

*** The affiliate will pay the admission fee but will not have the right to vote in the AGM.

*** Absurdly, it makes buyers pay too much for farmers to grow too much food.

*** which leads to the social absurdity of the poorest members of society who pay taxes to subsidize the richest.

*** The Bible does not forbid it. Should the congregation pay the pastor?

*** Knight said such a situation would create undue hardship for companies that would have to pay the cost of health benefits.

*** Knight was suspended in January for two weeks without pay and was removed from his job.

*** On the bench, he concurred in the first Legal Tender case, Hepburn v. Griswold (1870), and dissented in Knox v. Lee (1871), which overruled the former and declared constitutional Congress issuing of treasury notes to pay earlier debts.

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