Use Patina in a Sentence, How to use “Patina” in a sentence


Use patina in a sentence. Sentence for patina. How to use the word patina in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word patina. How to use “patina” with example sentences.

Use Patina in a Sentence - How to use "Patina" in a sentence

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Definition of patina


The patina (from the Latin «patĭna», plate, for the varnish of which the old plates are coated) is the layer of copper salts that is generated on the surface of said metal after the process of its spontaneous corrosion, which occurs due to the tendency of all metals to return to their original state in nature, that is, to the form of minerals from which they were extracted by physical processes such as the application of heat, to be then refined into pure metals, which are also they alloyed with others artificially, as in the case of bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin and often contains other components, such as lead or zinc.

Examples of patina in a sentence

  1. Depending on the copper salts that are formed, this patina can be stable (the beneficial) or unstable and destructive, the latter called bronze disease or bronze cancer.
  2. The result, over time, will be a layer of copper salts on the surface of the metal, called patina.
  3. A good patina should not be removed from coins, sculptures or surfaces in general.
  4. Copper carbonate, most of the time, makes green patina (malachite) and occasionally blue (azurite and calconatronite).
  5. Since copper oxide is more stable than copper carbonate, sometimes it is possible to remove only the green leaving the original patina red or brown.
  6. The patina can be transparent or opaque and is sometimes applied in a number of layers to produce very varied effects.
  7. Patina has notes of ripe fruit, is slightly sweet with hints of herbs and spices.
  8. Patina is designing with nature to achieve beauty with performance.


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