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Use Patient in a sentence. How to use the word Patient in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Patient.

Definition of Patient

Examples of Patient in a sentence

*** Treatment of the disease is possible, but there is a risk of sequelae in the patient.

*** The young patient is shown in the photographs here prior to the operation.

*** The patient is stili conscious.

*** On the next page (top), a catheter is inserted into the patient’s right arm for the purpose of intravenous replacement of fluids and blood during the operation.

*** Below a nurse assists the surgeon with his gloves, while a sterile drape is placed over the patient (background).

*** The respirator (center) forces air into the patient’s lungs when his diaphragm is incapacitated during the course of the operation.

*** In addition, the disease leads to deep regression, and the patient needs help to resume normal psychological growth.

*** The patient exhibited signs of the disease.

*** The patient complained of inappetence and nausea.

*** Each patient requires a daily dosage and blood is monitored daily for an INR level to determine the appropriate dose to administer.

*** The alternative half-body irradiation project combined with R-CHOP to treat DLBCL has an effect on the synergy and attenuation of the apparientes and could improve the quality of life of the patient.

*** The doctor asked the patient to refrain from smoking.

*** The patient must remain in bed for ten days to two weeks following the operation to assure complete healing.

*** As a consequence, the life of the patient is threatened.

*** All of these symptoms seem worse after meals or when the patient is lying down.

*** Sometimes a patient finds relief in sleeping with two or three pillows which raise the upper half of his body.

*** In acute cases the patient feels a sudden severe tearing pain following some sort of exertion and comments on the appearance of a protruding mass.

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