Use Passed in a Sentence, How to use “Passed” in a sentence


Use Passed in a sentence. How to use the word Passed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Passed. Sentence for Passed.

Use Passed in a Sentence - How to use "Passed" in a sentence

Examples of passed in a sentence

  1. It is unfortunate to see that the life of an animal in a zoo is passed in a closed iron cage.
  2. Bacon’s childhood was passed at York House, the London residence of the lord keeper.
  3. Although the encomienda passed, the lot of the Indian was not always bettered.
  4. Act of Chapultepec; a resolution passed at the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace held in the Chapultepec section of Mexico City from Feb. 21 to March 8, 1945.
  5. The barony subsequently passed through the Tufton, Southwell, and Russell families to Edward Southwell Russell, 26th Baron, in 1909.
  6. “He was (Jorge Menéndez), met with Toma. Toma saw the proceedings and said ‘this must be passed on to the courts’ and the defense minister took everything to his office to comply with the order, “the president said. Vázquez added: “The defense minister gets sick, pi-medical license and the undersecretary (Daniel Montiel) comes in”.
  7. The only thing I received was the file and the file was passed to Legal.
  8. The wire and a similar one at the top of the plate, were passed through a perforation in the pasteboard, and then passed into the board.
  9. A parlor bell-rope was carried over a brass pulley, and then passed downward in a groove made in the mahogany board to which the card was attached.
  10. The cases of those who are unprepared at a recitation ought by no means to be passed by unnoticed, although it would be unwise to spend much time in examining each in detail.
  11. “When it is noon here, is the sun going toward the Mississippi, or has he passed it?”
  12. They passed a vote expressing a desire to preserve the premises in order, and for many years, and, for aught I know, to the present hour, the whole is kept as a room occupied by gentlemen should be kept.


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