Use Partnership in a Sentence – How to use “Partnership” in a sentence


Use Partnership in a sentence. How to use the word Partnership in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Partnership. Sentence for Partnership.

Partnership - Sentence for Partnership - Use Partnership in a Sentence


Examples of Partnership in a sentence

  1. There is no one else in the world with whom I can thus dream in partnership.
  2. Leading Application Service Providers (ASP) XARA Online, today announced that RealTracker has joined its third party web page module partnership program.
  3. “We are pleased that RealTracker have joined our partnership program”, said Nova Fisher, VP Marketing of XARA Online.
  4. Above all, Partnership has added an exciting and stimulating momentum to the development of our school.
  5. It delineated the effects of the British conquest, traced the ethnic antipathies and the French Canadian struggle for national survival, and advocated equal partnership in a dualistic French-English Canada.
  6. England’s openers again posted a century partnership, the first time an English opening pair had done so for over 35 years.
  7. Mr. Gordon was a very promising business man, and had an offer from the merchant with whom he was employed as a clerk, to enter into partnership with him, just before the time of his engagement.
  8. We will own it all together, in partnership; only you shall have a small share, just in proportion to your chickens.
  9. But to be consequent and powerful, a partnership must be bottomed on some common interest or sentiment; and such in the Greek question, as already explained, did not exist.

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