Use Part in a Sentence, How to use “Part” in a sentence


Use Part in a sentence. How to use the word Part in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Part. Sentence for Part.

Use Part in a Sentence - How to use "Part" in a sentence

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Examples of part in a sentence

  1. Do I get the product as part of the affiliate program?
  2. He will decrease part of the price if you ask him.
  3. The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia, with territorial waters bordering Danish and British waters.
  4. The part of the war is developed along with the following three main characteristics of the war: the absurdity of war, the brutality of war and the power of war.
  5. The congregation of our church is formed in large part by young families with children.
  6. The impulse of any step, posture or gesture must be part of the general rhythm of the ballet.
  7. A revival in the 20th century was due in part to the artistry of the English lutanist Julian Bream.
  8. YOHO NATIONAL PARK, national park, British Columbia, Canada, in the eastern part of the province, on the Alberta border.
  9. The underlying meaning of the form in my work has been the system of the universe, or part of it.
  10. There are four stamens in the lower part of the flower tube.
  11. He disease and its causes By definition a hernia is a protrusion or bulging of an organ, or part of an organ, through the containing wall in which it is located.
  12. While the act was designed as a wartime measure and was prompted in part by a fear of an expansionist policy on the part of neutral Argentina at the expense of neighboring Uruguay, its principle was incorporated into the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (Rio Pact) concluded in 1947.
  13. He helped conclude the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the war with Mexico and annexed all or part of seven present Westem states.
  14. He took a major part in the Confederation conferences, especially in drafting financial terms.


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