Use Parents in a Sentence, How to use “Parents” in a sentence


Use Parents in a sentence. How to use the word Parents in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Parents. Sentence for Parents.

Parents - Sentence for Parents - Use Parents in a Sentence


Definition of Parents

  • 1. a father or mother
  • 2. be or act as mother or father to (someone).

Examples of Parents in a sentence

  1. Parents are concerned that only 7% of the school’s budget is being allocated towards purchasing sports equipment, while over 65% will go towards increasing salaries for teachers and other staff.
  2. Her/his parents won’t let her/him go out alone.
  3. She wants to be an actress, but her parents disapprove.
  4. The more problems he exhibited, the more his parents fought.
  5. parents were sent weekly and coupons for brown rice, whole-grain bread and other healthy foods.
  6. Convinced that he was a demon, his parents tied him up like an unwanted kitten in a backpack and threw him into a well.
  7. Many parents are tempted to intervene, but most experts advise caution.
  8. In the Chinese tradition there are no religious reasons for opposing euthanasia, but filial piety does not allow one to kill oneself or one’s parents in case of illness.
  9. Criticism and education, when children want their parents to be of the same caliber.
  10. Uncle Shim profusely praised my parents for the quality of the food, the effort in preparation.
  11. All of London was anxious to see the two radio “parents“.
  12. All the children were anxious to see their parents.
  13. The children beat their parents to take them to the zoo.
  14. Finally, many thanks to the parents and all the other people who helped us by being part of the task list.
  15. He was born of American parents in Philipsburg, Lower Canada, on May 6, 1849.
  16. Rather, he is born with genes from both parents which interact to produce characteristics.
  17. Gift buyers keep in mind that in modern times, Valentine’s Day is not limited to romantic couples, therefore, one can send Valentine’s Day gifts and greetings to parents, teachers, friends, siblings or any other beloved person for you.

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