Use Pardoned in a Sentence & How to use “Pardoned” in a sentence


How to use the word Pardoned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Pardoned.

Use Pardoned in a Sentence - How to use "Pardoned" in a sentence


Examples of Pardoned in a sentence

  1. She was pardoned after serving ten years of life imprisonment.
  2. He was pardoned!
  3. Who therefore, said he, could not be pardoned, since he had been counted worthy of pardon?
  4. … which was presently pardoned, and he was after a short confinement restored to his liberty …
  5. Or if she had given birth to a daughter she might have been pardoned, since a daughter, on account of her sex, would have been little likely to disturb Amulius in the possession of the kingdom.
  6. On the other hand, if they submit, they are often pardoned; they are again recognised or set up as princes over their lands, in some cases even after repeated defection.
  7. Alexander admired so much the desperate strength and courage evinced by this exploit, that he pardoned the criminal and restored him to favor.
  8. At the death of Claudius, and the accession of Nero, Lateranus was fully pardoned and restored to his former rank and position, through Nero’s instrumentality.
  9. They were condemned to death, but finally were pardoned at the place of execution.
  10. She released many unhappy prisoners, and pardoned many persons who had been convicted of political crimes.
  11. The platoon leader was controversially pardoned by the US president.
  12. This morning, he pardoned 1980s junk bond king Michael Milken, along with several other notorious white-collar criminals.
  13. Muldrow man to be pardoned for Arkansas sentence.
  14. Who got pardoned, who got shorter prison sentences under Trump’s clemency spree?
  15. Pardoned woman got support from another ex-prisoner.
  16. President Trump has pardoned one of Tampa’s wealthiest residents for his role in a 1990s fraud scandal.
  17. The 2019 turkeys came from a farm in Clinton and will be pardoned by Donald Trump.
  18. According to the Courier Journal, a veteran that Bevin pardoned during his last days in office died days later of a likely overdose.
  19. Believing that the anarchists convicted of conspiracy in the Haymarket Square Riot of 1886 had not had a fair trial, he pardoned the three survivors in 1893.

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